Connection with Windows (Pidgin)

Important notice

.help - write this shortcut in a conversation (in XMPP client) to show a list of helpful shortcuts

Step 1 - Download Pidgin

Download Pidgin here and start with installation. During the installation you can choose language.

Step 2 - Pidgin settings

Click twice on „Next“. In the window „Choose Components“ you can set up spellchecking. Then click „next“ again and install Pidgin. If you have a problem with the installation, you can use offline installer, which you can find here.p>

Open Pidgin by clicking on icon and click on Add.p>

Step 3 - Connection with Smartsupp

Fill in your UID (can be found Smartsupp dashboard in Settings->Personal->XMPP, it's NOT your e-mail) and use the same password you use for logging into Smartsupp.p>

In tab Advanced fill the entries as you see in the picture and click Add. The last thing to do is allow the account.

Now you will see the overview of online visitors who are on your website and you will receive messages from your visitors.

WARNING: You will see also Smartsupp agents (your co-workers) who are online, but it's NOT possible to chat with them. Messaging to other agents will seem to be working, but the other agent won’t receive the message.