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Tartalombiztonsági házirend (CSP), domain fehérlista, szerver módosítások


Tartalombiztonsági házirend (CSP), domain fehérlista, szerver módosítások

Content Security Policy (CSP)

If you are using Content Security Policy (CSP) on your website, you will need to add the following rules for Smartsupp to work correctly until May 8th. https://www.smartsupp.com/help/how-to-use-smartsupp-with-content-security-policy-csp/

Whitelisting domains

If you are dealing with whitelisting domains, we updated their list, which can be found on the link below. Please add the new domains until May 8th. https://www.smartsupp.com/help/cant-see-dashboard/

If these terms don’t tell you anything, you’re probably not dealing with them in the company. To be sure you can ask your IT department.

Server changes

We recently changed the server, the new one identifies your not logged in visitors in a different way, than the previous one. Don’t be alarmed if you see random characters instead of the numbers, everything is working correctly!