Új beszélgetési ikonok

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Új beszélgetési ikonok

In the new version, you’ll see the source channel of every message. There are two new icons that will tell you. In the conversation list, you’ll immediately recognise the source of the last message in a conversation.

Red envelope icon indicates an email message. If you want to respond to this message and you have the user’s e-mail in Smartsupp database, you can choose to send a live chat reply (providing the user is still on your website) or an e-mail message.

Blue icon with Facebook Messenger logo indicates a message that was sent to you from Facebook. If you reply, the message will be sent back to Facebook (available only for Beta users).

With these icons, you will have a better overview and be able to decide which conversation has a higher priority. Our experience shows that people do not expect e-mails to be answered as quickly as live chat or Facebook messages.