Connection with Mac OS X (Adium)

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Choose tutorial: Mac OS X (Adium), Windows (Pidgin)

Passo 1 Download

Download Adium and install it.


Passo 2Add an instant messaging account
  • Service: choose XMPP (Jabber)
  • Jabber ID: fill in your UID login from Dashboard > Settings > Profile > XMPP
  • Password: use your Smartsupp password


Passo 3 Preferences 

Go to Adium > Preferences > Accounts. Select your account and Edit …


Accounts > Options Security > mark Allow plaintext authentication and click OK


Passo 4Change your status

You can switch status to Online or Offline.

Passo 5Agents

You will see agents (your co-workers) who are online but it is not possible to chat with them. You can send message but the other agent will not receive it.

Passo 6Visitors

You will see a list of visitors on your website that you can chat with.

DONEChat with visitors

Smartsupp chat is now visible on your website or online store. Sign in to Smartsupp to start chatting with your visitors. Set up visibility and design of chat box in Settings.