Communicate with live chat, it's way better

Communicate with live chat, it's better

Connect, build & grow. Provide superb customer care to create loyal and lasting relationships that promote long-term success.

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Chat box on your website
Fast. Efficient. Conversational.

Serve multiple customers at the same time

Enter the era of real-time conversational support! Replace the time-consuming emails and phone calls with live chat that allows you to multitask like no other tool and leave no customer at wait.
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Improve your customer care with advanced features

Make customer happiness a priority

Send pre-defined messages in just one click. With shortcuts, you can provide quick, consistent replies and focus more on your customers’ needs.

Build the connection

Look up your last communication with the customer in the conversation history and reach out with a personalized message.

Access multiple channels

Access live chat, email communication, and Facebook Messenger from one convenient place. Organize your work without the need to switch platforms.

Benefit from valuable data

Know where your visitors came from and what they are searching for. With an integrated visitor info panel and browsing history you are always one step ahead.

Useful tip

Don't lose valuable contacts

When offline, use contact form to gather e-mails from potential customers trying to reach you. More about the contact form

Use contact form to gather e-mails from potential customers
Make use of chatbot automation

Take a break, engage the chatbot

Filter the frequently asked questions to save your precious time. Automate the unnecessary and focus more on individual customers that need your help.
Learn more about chatbot

The tool made with teams at heart

Manage your team's workload

Work together with team members when you need a helping hand or transfer the conversation to the expert in the team.

Get valuable feedback

Monitor satisfaction ratings to maintain good quality customer service. See how your team performs and fine-tune their performance.

Measure your team's efficiency

Improve your team’s workflow. See how many conversations your team served, how much time it spends online or what is the average response time.
What makes our tool unique

Meet our customer heroes

We understand our tool, because we care, too. Our in-house support team uses Smartsupp to take care of our own customers and provide the best service possible.

"Smartsupp offers an effective and professional support experience"

We’ve calculated that the conversion rate of users who use chat is 10 times higher than those who do not engage in a conversation!

Matteo Zendron
Matteo Zendron

"Simple, effective solution for the customer communication"

Smartsupp allows us to increase our conversion rate by offering quick and efficient advice which helps us make more sales.

Jérémy Joussot-French
Jérémy Joussot-French

"We fell in love with Smartsupp for its functionality and intuitiveness"

It is our company’s best investment. Smartsupp helps us shorten the distance between us and our customers and it has also had an impact on the sales growth.

Diana Puchalska
Diana Puchalska

"Instant customer service with the chatbot feature"

The chatbot answers the frequently asked questions instantly and allows our customer service reps to focus on the more detailed questions that our clients have.

Tony Jeffries
Tony Jeffries

"To build a strong business you must have great customer service"

Chatbot helps us to understand what the client is looking for and then introduce the customer service representative right after we understand the needs of the client.

Simone Dierre
Simone Dierre

Works great on all major platforms

Use our out-of-the-box integrations on e-commerce platforms and website builders

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Chat your way to customer happiness