Use the power of live chat to drive online sales

Use the power of live chat to drive online sales

A website without live chat is like a brick-and-mortar store without a shop assistant–ready to talk business?
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Personalized. Responsive. Intuitive.

Genuinely connect with visitors and boost online sales

Deliver win-win customer service with human and chatbot support that will be there for your website visitors every step of the way–Smartsupp live chat streamlines your business.

Unify multichannel chats on one dashboard

Live Chat Support

The chatbox is where the magic happens–get in touch with your visitors directly, offer rapid responses, multitask your visitor conversations, and deliver premium support while improving conversion rates.

Website and Facebook Integration

Increase your online sales through human and chatbot conversation seamlessly via your website and Facebook Messenger to facilitate interaction with customers and visitors.

Email Integration and Notifications

Connect your email with Smartsupp’s web chat to centralize replies to all visitor communication within your dashboard–activate email notifications to see missed conversations when you went offline.
Customizable. Adaptable. Pragmatic.

Stay relaxed-flexible customer communication

Dive into key visitor insights and history

Data Gathering and Conversation History

Access basic and advanced visitor details via the visitor info panel and Smartsupp’s API documentation. Delve into conversation history to offer better assistance and improve overall user experience.

Visitor List

Be in the know of all the visitors on your website, how many times they’ve visited, what source they came from, and more. You can even contact visitors directly to further engage them and offer help.

Video Recordings

See your website’s blind spots with visitor session recordings that are paired with their corresponding live chat message. Optimize visitor experience by actually seeing where your site may need updates.

Integrate team customer care efforts on live chat

Work smart and improve online sales

  • Chatbot Engagement and Automation
    Use the chatbot as a first filter and reception to greet visitors on live chat and identify quality visitors. Automate FAQs, provide help, and render visitor lists via chatbot to save time and resources.
  • Shortcuts Texts
    Don’t waste time being a typist. Greet your customers and repurpose texts you most frequently use with pre-designed text shortcuts. Create Personal and Team shortcuts for all of your agents’ needs.
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"Smartsupp offers an effective and professional support experience"

We’ve calculated that the conversion rate of users who use chat is 10 times higher than those who do not engage in a conversation!

Matteo Zendron
Matteo Zendron

"Simple, effective solution for the customer communication"

Smartsupp allows us to increase our conversion rate by offering quick and efficient advice which helps us make more sales.

Jérémy Joussot-French
Jérémy Joussot-French

"We fell in love with Smartsupp for its functionality and intuitiveness"

It is our company’s best investment. Smartsupp helps us shorten the distance between us and our customers and it has also had an impact on the sales growth.

Diana Puchalska
Diana Puchalska

"Instant customer service with the chatbot feature"

The chatbot answers the frequently asked questions instantly and allows our customer service reps to focus on the more detailed questions that our clients have.

Tony Jeffries
Tony Jeffries

"To build a strong business you must have great customer service"

Chatbot helps us to understand what the client is looking for and then introduce the customer service representative right after we understand the needs of the client.

Simone Dierre
Simone Dierre

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