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  • Mobiele apps

    De chatbot voor mobiele apps is hier!

    Hard aan het werk? Stel uw chatbot zo in om uw werk voor te blijven wanneer u van uw computer weg bent.

    Een simpele en gebruiksvriendelijke interface. Het bezorgt een voorbeeld van uw chatbot en laat u ook de voorwaarden zien. Als u er avontuurlijk tintje aan wilt geven kunt u zelfs een chatbot met 500 nodes aanmaken. 🙃

  • Instellingen

    We hebben veranderingen in de toegankelijkheidsinstellingen gemaakt

    We hebben de optie om de online/offline status op de loginpagina te veranderen, maar u kunt alsnog de toegankelijkheidsinstellingen op het dashboard veranderen.

    Na het inloggen op uw account zult u automatisch naar de online of offline status geschakeld worden gebaseerd op uw laatste status. U kunt alsnog handmatig de online of offline modus direct op het dashboard inschakelen door op uw profielfoto in het linker paneel te klikken.

  • Samenvatting

    Summer news you should not miss

    Summer at Smartsupp was really hot. We managed to add some cool features and improvements we would like to share with you. Take a look at a brief summary of the the ones we added during June, July, and August 2021.

    SmartHub - is a place where you can find useful information that will help you get ahead of your competitors. Go to SmartHub →

    Chatbot duplication - Would you like to run the same chatbot just in a different language? Copy it!

    Express yourself with GIF - Yes, it’s true. Now you are able to send GIFs to your customer in the chat.

    Read all news →

  • Live chat

    Desktop notifications when you’re offline

    We know that there can be situations when you don’t have time to talk to every single one of your customers. Still, you don’t want to miss out on an interesting inquiry. That’s why now, you can get notifications to alert you of incoming messages even when your chat is offline! You can turn on these desktop notifications in your settings.

    Notification settings →

  • Tablet

    Use Smartsupp comfortably on tablet

    Do you prefer using a tablet to a computer or laptop at work? Good news! Smartsupp is now fully responsive for tablets in all browsers.

    Of course, you can also use our mobile application, which is available for both Android and iOS.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics events fix

    By connecting Smartsupp events with Google Analytics you can analyze conversations better and constantly move your business forward.

    Recently, there was an issue with Google Analytics, when some events were duplicated and sent twice. Now the issue is fixed so the following section in the Help center is correct .

  • Facebook-integratie

    Facebook Messenger integration

    Do you have your own Facebook page? If yes, there’s no need to check new incoming messages on Facebook and Smartsupp separately anymore. Connect your Smartsupp account with Facebook Messenger and respond to every message comfortably from one platform.

    Read more about our FB integration →

  • Chatbot

    Activate FAQ chatbot now!

    As you can tell from the name, FAQ chatbot is a chatbot that automatically answers your customers’ most frequent questions. Prepare 5 quick replies in advance and then let the chatbot respond on your behalf. It will save you a lot of time and provide an instant reply to your curious customers.

    Read more about our FAQ chatbot →

  • Live chat

    Missed chat notifications & improved conversation categories

    There are two new features in Smartsupp which you’ve been asking for. Both are connected to conversations.

    If you miss a conversation, we will send you an e-mail notification about that. Cases, when the user opened a conversation and left the site without being unserved are considered missed.

    Read more about missed conversations and how to set up this notification→

    You will see more conversation categories under the Opened tab. This will make your work smoother and your dashboard cleaner. Please, read our more detailed article in help.

    Read more about new categories →

  • Live chat

    New conversation icons

    In the new version, you’ll see the source channel of every message. There are two new icons that will tell you. In the conversation list, you’ll immediately recognise the source of the last message in a conversation.

    Red envelope icon indicates an email message. If you want to respond to this message and you have the user’s e-mail in Smartsupp database, you can choose to send a live chat reply (providing the user is still on your website) or an e-mail message.

    Blue icon with Facebook Messenger logo indicates a message that was sent to you from Facebook. If you reply, the message will be sent back to Facebook (available only for Beta users).

    With these icons, you will have a better overview and be able to decide which conversation has a higher priority. Our experience shows that people do not expect e-mails to be answered as quickly as live chat or Facebook messages.