Wees bereid op overstap naar nieuwe versie Smartsupp

Belangrijke release

Wees bereid op overstap naar nieuwe versie Smartsupp

We are about to launch a new Smartsupp. What can you expect?

We have prepared a lot of news for you. Not only the chat box, but also the dashboard is changing completely. When can you expect to see the polished product? We will gradually switch customers in waves after weeks so that we can answer any questions and keep all of you as satisfied as possible. We start on June 17. Let’s look at the individual changes in more detail.

New dashboard

Conversations divided into categories

Conversations are the cornerstone of Smartsupp. For that reason, you will see them right after logging in and you can immediately focus on visitors who need your advice. Conversations are now divided into “Open” and “Closed” and you will find them all nicely located together in one tab.
If you work in a team, you will also appreciate the new feature of assigning a conversation to multiple agents.

Email integration

Email integration is already in the pilot phase. It means you will see offline messages in your dashboard, where you can reply to them directly! Great, isn’t it? The agent will also receive an email notification about the offline message.

Browsing your users in the Visitor list

And don’t worry, we also didn’t forget the Visitor list. It moved to the second place and got a bright new coat. Browsing your users and getting know them better is now much easier.

A New chat box

The modern and elegant look of the new chat box is definitely striking. But design is not the only thing we have improved.

File sharing

We believe that we will definitely make you happy with the possibility of sending files, both from the chat box and from the dashboard.

More personal conversations

We’ve also added a few emojis to make your communication with customers even more personal. For this reason, more focus is also placed on displaying the photo and the name of the operator in the header, and it will no longer be possible to set the name and logo of your company.

Changes in API

Because we tried to simplify the setup of the entire widget, we removed some API calls. If you use some advanced API functions, be sure to read the following few lines which describe what is changing.