Nasz nowy czatbot FAQ odpowiada na pytania klientów w Twoim imieniu

Nasz nowy czatbot FAQ odpowiada na pytania klientów w Twoim imieniu
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Starting today you can spend more time on other activities than just replying to conversations because our new FAQ chatbot deals with the most frequent questions on your behalf. Once you set it up, you won’t even know it’s there. It will help you to increase traffic on your website and consequently make new sales.

How does the FAQ chatbot work?

With FAQ bot, you can provide replies to 5 most frequent questions faster than even before. Chatbot can automatically greet your visitors with a welcome message and after opening the chat box, visitors can choose from one of the pre-designed topics and they’ll receive an immediate response.

These answers can contain topics such as delivery information, payment methods, complaints and returns, opening hours of individual stores or new special offers. To make things easier, we’ve prepared some sample messages for you as well as a tutorial on how to activate chatbot in your account.

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How to add the FAQ chatbot

It takes only a few quick steps to add our new FAQ bot to your website. Sign in to your Smartsupp account and open your dashboard.

  1. Click on the robot icon in the left menu.
  2. Then, click the “New chatbot” button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the option “FAQ bot” at the chatbot garage.
  4. Type the greeting message in the text box provided. This message will attract your visitors’ attention to your chat box. In case of any difficulties, your visitors will know that they can use the chat box to send you a question.
  5. Under the text box, there are three preset questions and answers which can be further customized or used as inspiration.

How can FAQ bot help your business?

We’ve prepared several examples from various sectors for you. You can draw some inspiration from these texts as well as to further customize them to fit your needs. First, there is a title in boldface which is always followed by a chatbot’s reply.


Brands. We focus on sports shoes, that’s why in our store you can choose from a wide range of footwear mostly from top brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma or Reebok. Find other producers on our website:

Sizes. No need to worry, normally, we have shoes in all sizes in stock. If you’re used to a different sizing, our size conversion chart will help you to determine your best shoe fit:

Trying on shoes. During our opening hours, you can come to our store to try on shoes whenever you feel like it. If some shoes are out of stock at the moment, tell us the day you’d like to come and we will prepare them for you.

Restaurants and food delivery

Vegetarians and vegans. No worries! We don’t forget about vegetarians and vegans in our restaurant! On our menu, you can always find vegetarian or vegan-friendly options with no meat or dairy. So come and try our dishes, you won’t be disappointed.

Time of delivery. The estimated time of delivery can differ depending on where you live. We will deliver your order in less than one hour to any address in Brno. If your delivery address is outside Brno, the delivery time can differ depending on the distance. You can find all the important information in our map:


Accessories and supplies. We offer all of our electronic devices together with accessories and equipment in a complete package. You can find the list of accessories in the detail of a product right below the main description. If you don’t find what you were looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Complaints. We apologize for the negative experience. You can make a complaint at one of our stores and we will take care of the rest. In case you’d like to return one of our bigger products, contact us by email or phone and we will arrange the transport.

Time of delivery. If the product is in stock, we provide a guaranteed next-day delivery service. Items will be available to collect in most stores. However, if you choose a parcel delivery service, the product is usually delivered in two days.

What’s next for FAQ bot?

The FAQ chatbot is just a first prototype of this new type of chatbot that we’ve been working on. Right now we are preparing a multi-level FAQ chatbot, which will be capable of answering customers’ more complex requests. With this new type of FAQ bot, you’ll be able to design multi-turn conversations. Your visitors will be able to pick from a couple of initial categories and gradually they’ll specify their question by choosing other sub-categories. In the end they’ll receive the most accurate answer depending on what categories they’ve previously selected.

Once this type of multi-level FAQ bot is finished, we are planning on implementing some other new features and improvements to make the chat bot more complex and sophisticated. For example, chatbot will be capable of sending chat messages to the conversation depending on different triggers. When the new version of chat bot is ready for launch, we’ll inform you. :)

Would you be interested in helping us with the testing? Join our beta tester team and be one of the first people to try this new feature. You can contact us on our email:

Załóż konto i stwórz swojego pierwszego czatbota