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Bring more opportunities by automating your customers’ experience. Engage your visitors with personalized messages and free yourself for those to-do tasks.

I can see you're looking for a new bike. Where are you going to ride it?
Great! We just added new city bike to your inventory. Please check it out here!
Item added to cart

Fast and easy to set up

No coding skills required. We keep the process clear, quick and simple, so you can get the chatbot running within minutes.

Empowering small businesses

Smart enough to bring you more customers, yet still free, so even small businesses can have access to it.

Make the most out of chatbot

Increase your sales and grow

Chatbot automatically reaches out to your customers and ensures more orders.

Ready to hit the road?

Great! If you order your bike by the end of this week, you'll get 20% off your purchase.

Choose my new bike I need assistance

Speed up the buying journey

Chatbot can engage customers at the right time and helps them make decisions quickly.

Helmets Safety comes first

Let me help you choose the right bike helmet for you. Let's start with some basics.

Men's helmets Women's helmets Kids' helmets

Gain extra time and make it count

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks. Chatbot frees you up for more pressing tasks.

Pick up Ship to my address Ship to the post office Almost ready to go

When your order is ready for pickup, you’ll receive a notification email, along with your pickup instructions. Read more.

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Live chat tool

Start with a chatbot, close with a sale

See how many opportunities chatbot can bring you. Relevant visitors are brought right to your doorstep, and with our live chat, you can easily turn them into returning customers.

1376 New opportunities
+38% Conversion rate

"Smartsupp jest po prostu niezastąpiony! Pomaga naszym klientom w dokonywaniu udanych zakupów!"

Chatbot is exactly what I needed! It can give advice and guide our customers through their buying journey towards a purchase and that gives me plenty of time for more important tasks.

Otakar Janík Współzałożyciel sklepu

"Za pomocą usługi Smartsupp jesteśmy w stanie sprawić, że 8 z 10 rozmów z klientami doprowadzi do złożenia zamówienia."

Chatbot from Smartsupp saves me time and at the same time increases my sales. It replies to repetitive questions and helps customers choose exactly the product they've been searching for. Brilliant!

Ondřej Vrabec Właściciel sklepu

"Smartsupp oznacza dla nas ponad dziesięć tysięcy dodatkowych zamówień miesięcznie."

Since launching chatbot our conversions have increased by 38 %. Chatbot is a perfect guide and assistant on our website.

Dan Višňák Współzałożyciel sklepu

Kompatybilność z popularnymi usługami

Dzięki wtyczkom Smartsupp jest kompatybilny z usługami służącymi do prowadzenia handlu w internecie oraz edytorami stron internetowych.

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