Connecting the Shoptet website with your Smartsupp account can be now done in a matter of minutes. Click on the link below, install our add-on and turn your visitors into loyal customers.

Krok 1 Enable Smartsupp on your website 

Create a Smartsupp account in the Shoptet administration or log in to an existing account.

Once you do that, you will see this page.

Krok 2 Smartsupp chat is visible on your website

That’s all! From now on, you’ll see the Smartsupp chat box in the bottom right corner of your website. You can customize the chat box directly in your Smartsupp account, in the Settings.

To chat with visitors and see them on website log in to Smartsupp.

How to disconnect the account?

If you want to disconnect your Smartsupp account, you can do that in the administration of the Shoptet integration. Just click on the button „Disconnect Smartsupp account” and the code will be automatically removed.