Summer news you should not miss


Summer news you should not miss

Summer at Smartsupp was really hot. We managed to add some cool features and improvements we would like to share with you. Take a look at a brief summary of the the ones we added during June, July, and August 2021.


Introducing SmartHub - a place where you can find useful information that will help you get ahead of your competitors (check it out or see screenshot).


  • Multiple chatbots in one account – finally, you can create more than one chatbot in your account to handle situations such as a website with multiple languages, domains or when you want to create different chatbots for different categories.
  • Branches created by mistake can be easily fixed – with the new option to move the chatbot messages among individual levels and branches of the chatbot.
  • Duplicate bots when creating similar ones – just click on the „Duplicate“ button when you want to create a similar chatbot, use the previous one as a template for the new one (e.g. when creating chatbots for other languages).
  • More comprehensive chatbots – each branch can have up to 10 levels of messages so you can design even more complex chatbots.
  • Automatic saving in chatbot builder – you don’t need to think about saving all of your changes when building your new chatbot, they are saved automatically with every change you made.

Mobile apps

  • Be notified even in offline mode – you can turn on notifications for offline mode so you can be notified about new messages, this way you can decide whether you respond now or later.
  • Send GIFs in the live chat – you can send animated images to your customers (or vice versa) to make the conversation friendlier.
  • Little improvements – we made some little changes to improve shortcuts and groups management.

Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.