January 2022 Release Notes–Kicking the year off strong!

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January 2022 Release Notes–Kicking the year off strong!

Chatbox Improvements for Mobile Phones and Web

Apart from the improvements to the chatbox Settings on mobile phones and the overall functionality for those of you working on the go, we also made notable improvements to the chatbox functionality on your website. You will notice that the chat window is now smaller and faster to load. It is also more reliable and scores better on Page Speed measurement tools. We have also removed unused code and decreased the size of the bundle load by 25% as well as the Time to Interactive (TTI). The main warning message occurring on the page speed measurement tools like Lighthouse (error stated when using document.write(), where you may find page load delay issues that can last for ten seconds) is now resolved due to this technology update. The overall performance score is now better than before, and best of all, we will continue to optimize this further in order to go from a score of 98 to a very sturdy 100!

Third-Party AI Chatbot Integration Support

We now support the integration of third-party conversational AI chatbot providers built on the Microsoft Bot Framework: https://dev.botframework.com/. Quickly implement advanced, humanlike conversations to assist you in expediting replies to visitor inquiries. You can also use advanced chatbots with NLPs to perform out-of-the-box integrations with other systems. Last but certainly not least, you’re now able to run these advanced chatbots in your Smartsupp environment almost seamlessly to communicate within your CRMs, ERPs, ATSs and other e-commerce backend systems. If you are interested in implementing third-party chatbots, please feel free to contact us via the form on the bottom of our Help page for more details.

Bug Fix: Scrolling Fixed for Better UX on iPads

Did you have some issues scrolling through your Smartsupp dashboard when using your iPad? We’ve fixed those! Give it a try on your tablet now and let us know if you have any problems, but we have tested various usage cases and as far as we can see you are able to scroll without issue.

Bug Fix: Improved Masking of Credit Card Numbers in Chat

If you were trying to include the full length of identification numbers from a credit card and make it visible in the chat window, but all you saw were stars, we now improved this so that these numbers are no longer masked.

Chatbot Builder and Upcoming Enhancements for Mobile Apps

Back in November 2021 we released the Chatbot builder for Android phones. You can now also build Chatbots for iOS, currently without conditions. In February we will release a redesigned chatbot for both Android and iOS platforms. Thereafter, in upcoming months, we will be working on new chatbot web features such as conditions as well as other helpful tools.

So be ready to get your bot game on and strong in 2022 with Smartsupp!

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