Modern and faster than ever before ⚡ We're introducing our new chat box!

Chat box

Modern and faster than ever before ⚡ We're introducing our new chat box!

After months of preparation, we are excited to present to you a completely new and improved version of our chat box, enriched with a number of great features. 🔥 What can you expect?

Innovations in Performance ⚡

We’ve optimized and reduced the chat box bundle size to create a minimal load on your website.

  • This ensures faster website loading
  • It has a positive impact on your lighthouse score
  • It helps with better search engine ranking

We’ve completely redesigned the chat box resulting in a remarkable decrease in bundle size from the original 196 kb to just 79 kb! At the same time, our chat box achieved an amazing 98% Lighthouse score 🤩 (in the ‘Performance’ section), which is a big step forward compared to the previous version with 94%. With the new chat box, we are able to keep up with international competition and offer you a faster, more powerful, and modern solution for your business.

New Enhancements 🚀

New features, new possibilities: Take a look at the selection of the most interesting tools for you:

  • Google Analytics 4 support provides comprehensive data on user behavior (What’s new in Google Analytics 4?)
  • Adjustable sizing of the chat box for better readability
  • An expanded set of super cool emoticons for more personal communication
  • Redesigned file attachments for easier and more convenient file sharing
  • Improved chatbot design enhances user experience
  • An updated contact form helps you collect more leads
  • Simplified chat box controls for easier communication

Modern Design ✨

A new fresh look combined with intuitive and practical controls:

  • Attracts more customers and strengthens your brand
  • Easy intuitive controls ensure a better user experience
  • Provides easy and intuitive communication via mobile phone

We’ve also refined our chat box in terms of design and user experience. It is designed in a modern style that combines simplicity with intuitive and practical controls. Enhanced with new animations and interactions that will make communication through live chat more pleasant and convenient. 😊👌

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can make the new chat box even better. Do you have any ideas for improvement or have you noticed any bugs? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us! 🙂

In case you encounter any issues with the new chat box, no worries! You can switch back to the old version in your chat box settings. This option will be available for a few more months.

And, we’re not done, yet! We aim to constantly improve our chat box, so you can expect many new features in the future! :)