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Make a chatbot team that sells more together


Make a chatbot team that sells more together

Connect your chatbots together and design a shopping journey that dynamically adapts to meet the unique needs of each customer. Now, your chatbots can function as a finely-tuned team 🤝 where each bot brings its own specialized expertise to the table, much like the diverse staff at a retail store.

💡TIP: Picture this: a customer is browsing swimsuits on your website. Your smart chatbot swoops in offering assistance and suggesting a whole array of options and recommendations. Then offers a connection to another chatbot that is an expert in beach accessories 🏖️👒*. Or another one, a helpful bot ready with FAQs to smooth out their checkout process.*

Guide your customers seamlessly through their shopping. Employ a variety of specialized chatbots, providing everyone with a smooth path tailored to their shopping needs.