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Smartsupp Updates

Keeping things up-to-date for you!

  • Product News

    Smartsupp release notes 11/20

    Here is a simple summary of the features added in November:


    • setting up your profile is simpler (see here)
    • multiple agent per chat prevention (see here)
    • message source icons (see here)
    • “required” or “optional” settings for e-mail input in the contact form

    Mobile app

    • app speed and stability improvements
    • minor graphic changes
    • free package color settings bug fixed
    • notifications are shown when app is opened
    • messages that failed to sent have red background
    • conversation/last message channel is displayed

    BETA users

    • Facebook messages integration
    • new statistics UI, including new metric – online time
    • conversation categories

    Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.

    Release notes November 2020
  • Live Chat

    New conversation icons

    In the new version, you’ll see the source channel of every message. There are two new icons that will tell you. In the conversation list, you’ll immediately recognise the source of the last message in a conversation.

    Red envelope icon indicates an email message. If you want to respond to this message and you have the user’s e-mail in Smartsupp database, you can choose to send a live chat reply (providing the user is still on your website) or an e-mail message.

    Blue icon with Facebook Messenger logo indicates a message that was sent to you from Facebook. If you reply, the message will be sent back to Facebook (available only for Beta users).

    With these icons, you will have a better overview and be able to decide which conversation has a higher priority. Our experience shows that people do not expect e-mails to be answered as quickly as live chat or Facebook messages.

  • Summary

    Smartsupp release notes 10/20

    We constantly improve Smartsupp using your feedback but, sometimes the change isn’t so obvious and you only find it after exploring the product yourself. We prepared an overview of all the new features, so that you do not have to play Indiana Jones finding them yourself :)

    Read more.

  • Product News

    Smartsupp release notes 10/20

    Here is a simple summary of the features we have added this October:


    • “Resolve” button added into the left panel on hover (see here) - so you have faster access to this feature and have the open tab clean.
    • Export conversation - only paid packages (see here) - so you can analyse them and get valuable data if you want.
    • “Resolve” button added into the left panel on hover (see here) - so you have faster access to this feature and have the open tab clean.
    • Insert Shortcuts via “/” (see here) - so you can  insert a shortcut anywhere while writing a message. E.g. you can use slash for inserting your signature when writing an email.

    Mobile apps

    • Reply via email.
    • New visitor notification - so you never miss an opportunity to engage your visitors.
    • Reply via email.
    • New attachments gallery -> picture and file viewing, sharing, download.
    • New message statuses -> sent, viewed etc. - so you always know if the visitor has received or rea
    • Reply via email.
    • Copying text via pop-up menu.
    • Changing the visitor name.
    • Dialing customer by clicking on their number.
    • New ways to Resolve conversation (see here) - so you have your open tab clean.

    Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.

    Release Notes October 2020
  • API

    Which parts of the API have we incorporated into the new version of Smartsupp?

    The new version of Smartsupp offers you many more functions, so it is no longer necessary to set some functions via the API.

    Here we will introduce 5 popular functions that work differently in the new version of Smartsupp.

    Read more.

  • Live Chat

    Use the Authorization form to reply even if the customer's left

    In order to always be able to reply to a customer’s message, we recommend using the Authorization form in which the customers write their contact info before asking you a question. This will allow you to reply to any messages you have missed.

    If you have not collected the contact information from the customer, it is not possible to reply and nothing can be entered in the text field of the message.

    You can activate the form here.

  • Dashboard

    Changes in the dashboard

    Smartsupp dashboard has a new look, new features and a useful Chatbot garage, that will help you enage more visitors than ever before.


  • Chat Box

    New chat box is out!

    We collected your requests and as an answer we bring you the beautiful new chat box. It is stylish and it can also share files.

    What else have we improved? Check out our blog: https://www.smartsupp.com/blog/file-sharing-much-new-chat-box/

  • Dashboard

    Disabled agents can't see Conversations

    With the new dashboard comes another change. Agents who are disabled do not have access to Conversations. However, they can manage Smartsupp account Settings, including Billing section. You can set status of each agent here.

  • Google Analytics

    Changes in sending Smartsupp events to Google Analytics

    We believe that many of you are taking advantage of the possibility to connect Smartsupp events to Google Analytics. This allows you to analyze conversations better and constantly move your business forward.

    With the new Smartsupp version come changes in Google Analytics events. We’ve adjusted them to help you analyze the progress of your conversations better. And we also added some brand new ones! Current events that are sent to your GA accounts are listed, even with a brief description, in our article in the Help section.

    An important note in conclusion. We have changed the titles of events that we send to GA. This means that if you work with events in your own reports or, for example, you send them to Google Ads as goals, you need to update it in those systems.