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  • Live Chat

    Export of conversations to PDF

    We had to temporarily suspend the possibility of exporting a chat conversation in PDF because of a bug. We’re working hard on fixing this feature. We apologize for this inconvenience.

  • Dashboard

    What's new in the dashboard?

    URL in the browsing history

    In the browsing history, you can find the exact URL of the specific page which your customer visited. Just hover over the page title to show the URL.

    Send a copy of an ongoing chat to email

    Do you have an important conversation with your customer? Now you are able to send a transcript of an ongoing chat to your email.

    Keep a message if the customer leaves the site

    If a visitor leaves the site while you are writing a message, it won’t disappear. Now the message stays in chat and you can send it to the email.

  • Security

    Content Security Policy (CSP) and domain whitelisting, server changes

    Content Security Policy (CSP)

    If you are using Content Security Policy (CSP) on your website, you will need to add the following rules for Smartsupp to work correctly until May 8th. https://www.smartsupp.com/help/how-to-use-smartsupp-with-content-security-policy-csp/

    Whitelisting domains

    If you are dealing with whitelisting domains, we updated their list, which can be found on the link below. Please add the new domains until May 8th. https://www.smartsupp.com/help/cant-see-dashboard/

    If these terms don’t tell you anything, you’re probably not dealing with them in the company. To be sure you can ask your IT department.

    Server changes

    We recently changed the server, the new one identifies your not logged in visitors in a different way, than the previous one. Don’t be alarmed if you see random characters instead of the numbers, everything is working correctly!

  • Statistics

    Statistics are moved to the main menu

    Do you like numbers and want to know how Smartsupp works on your web?

    We have moved statistics ? directly into main Dashboard menu next to the history tab.

  • Live Chat

    Smartsupp April update

    We have made a lot of changes in the last month:

    • added online time to visitor header in the chat window
    • added number of visits and chats in the visitor’s detail
    • added filter to visitor list - now you can filter for example active visitors only
    • improved browsing history in the detail of visitor
    • added number of visits to the visitor list table.
  • Mobile Apps

    Smartsupp Android App improvements

    We have released an update of our Android app.

    • Compatibility with Android 9
    • Notifications improvements
    • Possibility to save the password with SmartLock
    • Bugfixes and stability improvements

    You can download the latest version from Google Play.

  • Live Chat

    What were we working on the last 6 months?

    Read our blogpost or check the video where you can find out what were we working on the last 6 months.

    The main improvements include:

    • Simpler listing of visitors
    • Faster chatting
    • Enhanced history and search
  • Security

    Dashboard loading & security

    We wrote new FAQ article for companies that using whitelistening of certain domains.

  • Developer Docs

    New Developer Docs

    Adjust Smartsupp according to your needs. Show detailed visitor info, customize chat box design, connect chat to your CRM and more.

    Open Developer Docs

  • Summary

    September product news

    Improved side panel
    We have improved the side panel with ongoing chats. You can now see the last message and when it was sent. Also, you can now see other agents in chat. Read more about it in our help article.

    Unification of sending shortcuts
    Now, a shortcut can be chosen by clicking on it or hitting the enter key. After that you can send it just as you would as a standard message.

    Added e-mail of agent to statistics
    In the list of agents you can now see the e-mail of agents so you can easily differentiate between them.