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Turn Dull Text Links into Sales-Boosting Product Cards ✨🎨

Product cards

Turn Dull Text Links into Sales-Boosting Product Cards ✨🎨

Introducing our latest feature that transforms links into eye-catching Product cards guaranteed to grab your visitors’ attention. 👀

You can easily showcase your best products and watch your conversions skyrocket.

TIP: 🎄 With Christmas on the horizon, it’s prime time to give Product Cards a whirl. How? Use Product Cards to display your unique products, deals, and festive specials. 💫

Three key points to note:

❗️Product cards are generated automatically from any URL links sent - whether in chat or via chatbots.

❗️In the dashboard, they’ll show up as regular links, but in the chat box they’ll turn into Product cards.

❗️You control how Product cards look by defining the image and text in your tags. Check this article for more info.