How to Build a Perfect Chatbot

Nikola Kozuljevic & Danil Lebedev
How to Build a Perfect Chatbot

Let’s talk about chatbot power in our next webinar!⚑πŸ’ͺ

On this webinar we’ll show you how Smartsupp chatbots can help you sell more and ensure perfect customer service.

What will you learn from the webinar?

βš™οΈ How to set up a chatbot - proven practices that will make users enjoy communicating with you

πŸ’‘ Practical tips that you can try out immediately

πŸ€– Advanced features - you already have the basics down, but these features will take your chatbot further

πŸ“ Chatbot templates and how to work with them

πŸš€ Key insights from the Smartsupp chatbot study and how to leverage them for your business

The webinar will be recorded and sent to all registrants.

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Nikola Kozuljevic & Danil Lebedev
Nikola Kozuljevic & Danil Lebedev

Nikola is CMO at Smartsupp, is going to share insights from our latest chatbot study and how you would use Smartsupp chatbots to grow your business.

Danil, our conversational ecommerce expert, will walk you through setting up your own chatbot, along with sharing expert tricks for higher conversions.

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