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How to use live chat and chatbot to boost your business

Dan Višňák
How to use live chat and chatbot to boost your business

Discover the business benefits and inner workings of Smartsupp’s live chat and chatbot from our eshop expert Dan Višňák–find out how to work with our product to obtain the best results.

You’ll learn:

  • Why your entire business relies on communication
  • Why it is important to consistently be online for your visitors
  • Why simply being online is not enough
  • How to leverage the power of Smartsupp
  • What real-life examples from Dan’s vast experience can be applied to your live chat and chatbot set up

Hosted by

Dan Višňák
Dan Višňák
Dan Višňák, an entrepreneur and an experienced e-commerce expert will guide you through the entire webinar. Dan himself runs the successful e-shop x-trenink.cz, he is also the author of the ESHOP RESTART project, in which he passes on his experience to others, so expect loads of practical tips that you can apply in your own online store, too!
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