Chat box languages

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Smartsupp chat box is available in 40 languages and we also have a multi language API. If you do not see your language in the list and would like to add it, please write us at

  1. Chinese Simplified (China)
  2. Czech (Czech Republic)
  3. Danish (Denmark)
  4. Dutch (Netherlands)
  5. English (United States)
  6. French (France)
  7. German (Germany)
  8. Hungarian (Hungary)
  9. Italian (Italy)
  10. Lithuanian (Lithuania)
  11. Persian = Farsi (Iran)
  12. Polish (Poland)
  13. Portuguese (Brazil)
  14. Portuguese (Portugal)
  15. Romanian (Romania)
  16. Russian (Russia)
  17. Serbian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  18. Slovak (Slovakia)
  19. Spanish (Spain)
  20. Swedish (Sweden)
  21. Turkish (Turkey)