Where to find Visitors?

In the Visitors tab, you can see all of the people who are currently browsing your website.


Warning: You might notice that there is a difference between the number of visitors on the desktop version and on the mobile app. This is because only active visitors are visible on the mobile app and inactive visitors are not displayed. This was done to optimize the speed of the mobile app.


You can use the search bar (1) to find a specific visitor, or filters (2) to display just the relevant visitors.

  • All
  • Active – visitors who are actively browsing your website (there were some activity recorded in the last 10 minutes)
  • In chat – visitors, who are currently chatting with your agents
  • Customers – visitors who are identified by Contact form, or API
  • Auto-messaged – visitors who received an automatic message
  • Blocked – visitors who were blocked by your agents


Visitor icon meanings




Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.