Chatbot insights

Interested in how your chatbot is performing? We’ve released new statistics that will help you better understand how the visitors interact with your bot.

You can see the chatbot statistics directly in the SmartHub or in the chatbot settings.

chatbot insights 1 chatbot insights2

What type of data can I see?

Wondering what exactly do the numbers mean? Let’s go through it together.

  • Triggered – this box shows the number of visitors to whom the chatbot was displayed.
  • Reactions – this box shows the number of visitors that sent you a message via chat box or clicked at least on one of the buttons as a reaction to the chatbot being displayed in the chat box
  • Resolved by chatbot – this box shows the number of visitors that interacted only with the chatbot which means that they have clicked on at least one of the chatbot buttons but did not send any message.
  • Escalated to human – this box shows the number of visitors that sent a message via chat box as a reaction to the chatbot being displayed in the chat box. They may, or may not have clicked on one of the chatbot’s buttons.

chatbot insights 3

It’s also worth remembering that:

  • The numbers in the boxes are always rounded off.
  • Even if visitors browse through several pages on your website, it is always counted as 1 trigger.
  • The same goes for chatbot buttons. Even if the visitor clicks on multiple buttons in the chatbot, it is always counted as 1 reaction.
  • The statistics of deleted chatbots are still visible in the summary.

Are there any situations when the chatbot is NOT counted in the statistics?

  • If you open the chatbot preview in the chatbot builder it is not counted in the statistics.
  • If the chat box is hidden using the API, the chatbot is not triggered which means that it’s not counted in the statistics.

Can I check the statistics for different time periods?

Yes. In SmartHub you can also try different time filters. This means that you can check the statistics for the last 7 days, 30 days, or 12 months. In the chatbot garage, the statistics are always displayed for the last 30 days.

Note: The data for chatbot statistics are not updated instantly, they are refreshed approximately every hour. In SmartHub and the Chatbot garage, you can see the time of the last update in the tooltip next to the title.

What are the green and red numbers in the boxes?

Not sure what exactly the green and red numbers in the boxes mean? We call these numbers TRENDS and they show you how the number of triggers or reactions has changed compared to the previous time period. Green color signifies positive trend and red color negative trend.

We’ll show you an example: If the number of chatbot reactions in the previous time period is 10 but in this time period it’s only 5, you’ll see the negative trend of -50%.

If the data is not available for some reason then the trend is not displayed.

chatbot insights 4

Note: For Escalated to Human statistics the trend is reversed – the arrow pointing up is red and the arrow pointing down is green. Because in this case, the positive trend means that the number of chats escalated to humans (agents) was lower. In other words, chatbot resolved more conversations and agents had less work.


Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.